Houston, we (may) have a problem

It’s 2:25am local time, Yukon Do It’s spot device (GPS tracker to the unaffiliated)  hasn’t sent a tracking signal since 1:59am. We initiate our emergency plan after 30 mins of no (GPS) signal, so I wake Ben but unfortunately race control hasn’t arrived yet so we have to sit it out for a few hours. we try to contact both boats by the satellite phones, both are off – this is a bit of good news as our emergency plan stipulates that the sat phones remaining off in the boats unless of an emergency.

We have to wait… the camp is set up, Ben will stay at camp to receive Yukon Beat Em and I am ready to dispatch to wherever the crew may be in the event that I am needed. A few more hours pass, we make contact with Sally back in the UK to advise of their position. More waiting… we can be ready but can’t initiate the emergency plan until we know for certain where the teams are. This wildernesses is so vast, without an exact location we have no chance.

Then, just before 9am we get the good news, the spot device has sent an update and all appears well.

Stay safe
Ben & Spencer

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