One Million Down

Tim Smith reflects on his training so far

One million metres down, 444 miles to go…

Sunday 28th February 2016

Sat in a coffee shop on Sunday morning in Leeds waiting for my son to finish his cricket coaching session, I have time to update my training log and realise that I have just passed 1 million metres rowed so far in preparation for YRQ 2016.

This minor milestone prompts me to consider how prepared I feel for the race with 17 weeks and 3 days to go (thanks for the constant reminder Dan!) and to start to think through how prepared we are as a squad?

On a personal front, I am regretting every missed morning, every stuck in traffic moment, every excuse deployed to avoid pulling on training kit and hitting the rower. This is despite having looked back at previous training plans and realising that I have done a similar amount of work as the last two times I took on the mighty Yukon River.

I draw two conclusions from these thoughts, first the YRQ is a real challenge so feeling apprehensive and under prepared is fine at this stage and secondly, no more room for excuses from now on… JFDI!

As for the squad, well until we all get up to Ardeonaig in April and get cold wet and tired, I won’t really be able to judge just how much work we need to put in to get two fully functioning Voyageur teams out of what is essentially a group of strangers.

What I can reflect on however, is the growing sense of excitement and “togetherness” that is being displayed in conversations and email traffic that is starting to flow between squad members. What I’ve observed fills me with a real sense of optimism that we have a group who will gel quickly and start to form the two teams that will eventually hit the water in 17 weeks.

And that thought brings me full circle, the number of metres rowed will not get us to the finish line in Dawson, only teamwork can do that… and it feels great when you finally get there!

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