And They’re Off!

So, it’s finally arrived, it’s race day. The boats were in position at 6am this morning and we have spent the last few hours making final checks to ensure we are set for a great start. The race starts with Mayor of Whitehorse thanking everyone for their efforts and wishing everyone well, after a cheer for everyone of the 96 teams taking part, the siren sounds, which starts the 400 metre sprint to the boats. Ben and I launch the boats and we even manage to rescue a stray flip flop from the team & reunite it with its owner. That’s it they are off, the start is bedlam, multiple boats trying to fight for the best position, fortunately our boats made it through without any issue and they quickly disappeared out of sight. So, to the RV, we need to hit the road, we need to keep up with the boats in case of emergencies, but we also need to track ahead to ensure we get the camp set up for the teams.We get to the first checkpoint following a drive down one of the most tricky roads we have ever driven,  we manage to get there just as the teams go past, they are neck and neck, both paddling well and they even take time to give us a wave.

We managed to get talking to some local newspaper workers covering the race and they tell us of a media boat a few miles down the road, unfortunately the boat was full when we arrived but a lovely local couple offered to take us out on their boat to see the team, after two hours sailing across the lake, we see the teams, still smiling, still doing well.

Now the mad dash, we have a few hundred miles to do to get to the campsite, after more interesting roads and a lot of screaming as holes appear in the road from nowhere, (we still haven’t figured out that our 8 sleeper RV doesn’t handle like our own cars) we arrive at Carmacks campsite, now for making camp, 7 tents to pitch, tarpaulin to hang from trees and we have just about made camp. Now for the long night, we will take it in turns to sleep for an hour at a time, we need to be ready for when the boats arrive to get the teams out do the water, fed, cleaned up and to sleep for a few hours, whilst they sleep we will be down in the river, setting the boat back up for the next leg of the journey.

Let’s hope it all goes to plan …..

Stay safe, Ben & Spencer

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  1. Mike Frost
    Mike Frost says:

    Hey guys,

    Thank you – its a tough job you have and I know the crews really appreciate it, especially as you help them out of the boats at the first stop at Carmacks and they find their legs again. I can see from the spot they are almost there – close and paddling well.

    The shots from the press boat were terrific as the boys ventured across Lake Labarge. Lots of smiles and digging deep in perfect conditions.

    They couldn’t do this without you and your support will ensure they are rested and energised to have fun through Five Finger Rapids and 20hrs into Kirkman Creek where they will be along and unsupported. You will be no doubt worrying like expectant parents before they make the last 10hr dash into Dawson. Their spirits will be lifted as they round the last corner and see Dawson in the distance knowing you will be waiting on the dock to cheer them in.

    Drive safe, look out for the wildlife.

    We’re with you all the way!



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