Yukon Fitness test – the results

Thank you for making this a fantastic event, the determination and focus by all who took part was evident and the distances recorded bode very well for the race in June.

As with any team qualification process, the fastest 16 are currently in the team – these people are, in no particular order: Ben Castle, Dylan Lupton, Craig Batchelor, Rod Connors, Seb Fleet, Matt Butler, Ben Hughes, Mark Stanton, Paul Butterworth, Sean McConnon, Nigel Strickland, Robbie Williams, Gary Postle (from Saint Gobain), Richard Trevaskis (from George Fischer), Tim Smith and myself.

With 6 more making reserve places, in no particular order: Mike Hawkes, Andy Wighton, Phil Ponsford, Calum Hynes, Chris Deverdie and Brian Gillett.

Thank you again for your commitment and enthusiasm and well done to all of you for taking part.

Keith Dorling

Managing Director – Infrastructure

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